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Switching temporarily to periodic blog postings

Hello everybody,

    For the next few months I will be switching blog postings from weekly to periodically. This is due to the extra time I will be putting into lots of new <Traveling> Drum School content, upcoming recording sessions, shows,and finishing the final edits on my first official drum book. There will be new blog posts I assure you, just not on a consistent weekly basis as they've been for the past year now. Weekly posts will be back in the future.

   I will continue to update when a new blog is posted via Facebook & Twitter. If you would like to receive those updates, make sure you are connected to me on either site. If not, please send me a personal message to or comment on this post to let me know how you'd like to be notified. 

   Thank you for visiting and hope you've enjoyed the content thus far. Many more topics planned, please stop back. 


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