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Album Review: Katie Hate "Let's Pretend Again"

   This past Thanksgiving as I was driving to visit my family for the holiday I decided to make “Let’s Pretend Again”, the first full length album from Katie Hate, my soundtrack. Right out of the gate track 1 got me interested with a gradual, dynamic build showcasing the trio’s strong instrumental playing. The song then exploded into a catchy, yet complex, tune mixed with different feels & energies. 

   I was familiar with the second track, “Good Enough For You”, from their single release a few months back. This was a great choice for song #2; high energy & grabs your attention..great for driving too! After the next track I immediately thought this collection of songs was going to be an “album”.  By definition, album is commonly referred to as “one or more CD’s, cassettes, or long playing records released as a single item”. This is true, but an avid music fan usually describes an album as a collection of songs from a single artist or group that seamlessly blend and compliment each other, capturing an era in time. I definitely feel this is the case for “Let’s Pretend Again”. In my opinion an album, not just a collection of singles, is on the same level as an individual piece of fine art.  

    As I’ve listened to the album almost daily for weeks it grows on me more & more, and I get inside the vision of what this release for the band is all about. From the deep, lyrical content of Max Theofilis’ mind mixed with his intense guitar playing, to the tasteful, creative, & energetic drum parts from Jake Saltzman, and finally with bassist Bobby Fello; rounding out the low end and picking perfect points where he shines through, the band is tight and their songs are good. Fans of Dookie era post punk to hard rock will definitely appreciate this record, but the band is much more than that. Katie Hate mixes dynamics and elements from various genres to create a very unique blend that would appeal to any open-minded music fan. 

Without giving anything more away, check it out for yourself… 


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