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RB Drum Co. Loan Program

The RB DrumCo. Loan program starts today! 

I'll be lending out a custom snare built for me by owner Rich Bloom in October of 2016 to select Pittsburgh area drummers. I've used this drum for dozens of live performances and it appears in my instructional DVD "Drumming for the Young and the Young at Heart"     The rules are simple...there really aren't any! Drummers are encouraged to use the drum in concert and in the studio; take pics, post videos, change the heads, try different snare wires, etc. Feel free to post comments to the RB Facebook page, send directly to Rich, me, or comment on this post....just please take care of it and return it as close to as original condition as possible...If your selected for this program then I trust you! Enjoy!!  Specs; 4x14 6 ply, 8 lug maple shell 35 degree bearing edges (outside & inside) Vintage maple satin oil finish  Dual sound holes 35 degree edges (outside & inside) 2.3 Slingerland hoops Yamaha style lugs, Pearl style throw off.  20 strand snare wires. 

Stock heads: Attack, 1 ply medium coated top and snare side thin bottom. 

Any interested drummers please PM me. Thanks! #RBDrumCo. 

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