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Steve Jordan interview & coffee for breakfast

   My workday normally starts in my office / drum room. Before any drumming, lesson plans, emails, texts, calls, etc happens, I like to start by watching an inspirational drum-related clip. Gets me psyched for the week ahead! My clip of choice is usually a live performance but recently I’ve been searching old interviews, which has been extremely inspiring and educational.   

    For this week’s blog I decided to post this four part clip from Vic Firth’s Artist Spotlight series, which is a sit down with Steve Jordan. I’ve actually watched this numerous times in the past few years, and revisited this morning. I recommend watching it early morning with coffee, regular or decaf you wont be disappointed!        

   I first got into Steve when I was started heavily studying R&B / Jazz fusion right after high school. I was always liked rhythm & blues; hearing it from my mom’s radio, learning popular tunes, etc, but I really got way deep into R&B drumming that was mixed with a Jazz feel around 1997. I was working at a used CD store and stumbled up Patti Austin “Havana Candy”. The cover looked vintage and I noticed the album was recorded the same month I was born, August 1977. I gave it a spin and the right out of the gate the first tune had an awesome feel. The drummer was playing smooth and tasteful, playing an awesome balance of notes and space. It was Steve Jordan. I still continue to this day to seek out records he’s done.     

    The following clips contain some great personal stories, as well as serious tips on being a professional drummer. This is worthwhile to any player. Enjoy! 

*Steve also has a great instructional DVD called 'The Groove is Here". Definitely recommend checking it out. 

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