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'Growing Up on MTV" excerpt

    This week’s blog features a portion of my article that appears in the latest issue of The Holiday Cafe. Co-founder and managing editor Nicole Leckenby asked me a few months ago to submit a musical themed article. After a lot of thought and many edits, I emailed my submission to the a few days before the due date. She replied shortly thereafter accepting my work. I was totally psyched!! This is my first officially published written work. :)     

     The Holiday Cafe accepts all types of submissions including written pieces, paintings, interviews, and much more. They strive to showcase Pittsburgh talent, but they are open to submissions from outside the burgh.      

    Below is a portion of my submission titled “Growing up on MTV”. It details how crucial the music channel was to my formative years of music education.

Growing up on MTV      

Music has always been an integral part of my life. A lot of my memories, even as a kid, had some song or musical genre associated with it. My childhood soundtrack consisted of many different styles of music; from the smooth R&B I listened to with my mom in the car, to the early 80’s speed metal my neighbor across the street turned me on to.  But the musical discovery of my life that impacted me the most was MTV. I thought it was totally awesome! Every time I’d turn on the television I’d go right to the channel and hope to catch something new.     

    My first video interests were anything and everything rock. That’s what I was drawn to; pounding drums, big hair, catchy hooks, distorted guitars, etc. The faces on my cassette tapes walked, talked, & shook for the world to see.  Even some of the faces I first saw on my sister’s 8-tracks appeared on the channel. During the summers, me and some chicken flavor ramen noodles were best friends for the afternoon video mix. Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” made me want to tour the world as a rock star drummer, traveling with only my drums and a suitcase full of matchbox cars. Headbanger’s Ball kept me up late Saturday night prepping me for a future gig life. Watching Huey Lewis & The News videos made me laugh,smile, & later play my Back to the Future VHS till it warped! Short movie videos, such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” were basically the closest thing I saw to a real musical up to that point. 

*Please click the link below to view the remainder of my article as well as the entire Holiday Cafe fall issue. Music fans will definitely enjoy this one! I’ve read every issue thus far. Each one is full of great material art fans from all spectrums will enjoy.  

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