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Album Review: Yung Rellz "International School Boy"

    This week’s blog features my album review of <Traveling> Drum School student Yung Rellz debut EP “International School Boy”. This release has already been getting great feedback, including radio airplay in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. He has also started performing show recently. Not bad for a for just entering the 7th grade!! He sites Drake and Meek Mill as influences. The sky’s the limit for Yung Rellz. Check him out of Facebook; 

    “International School Boy”, the debut EP from rapper Yung Rellz is filled with tight, catchy rhymes and really good instrumental production. The track “Ya Heard What I Said” is a stand out, mixing great flows with a funky beat that would make anyone move on the dance floor. Yung Rellz backs up his skills with confident rhymes on “Betta Den the Best” and “Swagg”. While the whole EP is very modern sounding, the downtempo “Kind of Girl” has a bit of a throwback feel to old school hip hop, circa early 90‘s. The guests Landon Thomas, Hendy, Schae, and Kei Player all blend well with Yung Rellz’ style. The intro featuring S.H. Abernathy is hilarious, complete with a Teddy Ruxbin reference! This collection of songs from the 13 year old up & coming artist is a great first impression, conveying more positive, humorous, and profanity free messages that I feel all rap fans would appreciate.   

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