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Singles, EP's, LP's, Demo's, Drum Loops / Samples, Ghost Drumming

*Highly experienced with charts, click tracks, improvisation, & MIDI

Quality Work & Competitive Rates

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(412) 512-3155

"The main reason why I love using Chris on drums for our albums include that he is amazingly prepared and practiced and moreover, he is a superb musician, not just a superb drummer-he has a great feel for music & what works"

-Terry O'hara, Summer-Winter. 

  "Chris is the Jeff Porcaro of Pittsburgh-the consummate professional session drummer with impeccable skills, taste, & attitude. He's that rare breed of musician who is always focused on playing what's best for the "song", not what might impress other drummers. To me, that's the highest level of musicianship that there is.

On a personal level, he's as rock solid as his timing is on the drums. He always shows up prepared, on time, & ready to record some amazing performances. He played on the Simple Carnival's Smitten 3D project, and I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world because of it." - Jeff Boller, Simple Carnival. 

"Chris isn't just one of the best drummers around, he's also one of the best people around. He's always smiling, always on time, and always optimistic during the recording process no matter what comes up. He shows up with all the great you could possibly need and promptly tunes it to your space. Man, do his drums sound good. He's a one-stop shop for great drum tracks. Just add coffee and stir gently. He'll take it from there!"-Daniel Blake-Audio Engineer at The Schoolhouse. 

"Chris is a total professional. He is a very versatile drummer and me the recording process so easy for me by being really prepared. He is also very accommodating. I could give him an idea of how I wanted the songs to sound and he could make it happen. Definitely recommend him to all my musician friends!"

-Alyssa Hankey


  -The following is a complete list, to the best of my knowledge, of all my recorded performances (excluding projects as "ghost drummer"-non-credited performances, live concert cell phone clips posted to social media sites, and drum-only videos posted on my YouTube page).

The ones underlined in bold are official releases. The *bootlegs (in small font) listed below are performances that were captured, live or in studio, which are not currently released officially. Hard copies or downloadable files exist for these performances. All titles listed below with a "+" indicate selections from the session have received radio airplay (a "^" indicates international & satellite radio airplay). The "{AL}" indicates portions of the recording may contain adult language. A "#" indicates reviews for the release can be found online. A "~" indicates the performance was acting (TV extra), not music related.

I am the sole drum set player on everything listed below (unless noted). The sessions or tracks I performed percussion on are also noted. 

Starting with the most recent

-Iraquis in Pajamas - demo for "Monster" 6/2/23                                                                      

 -Iraquis in Pajamas - demo for Mahra Amini. 5/18/23. 11:30 PM                                               

-Don Poth Project - track "Can't Feel No More". 5/17/23. Recorded by Don Poth & Steve Dunn @ home studio.

-Derek Woods Band - tracks "Nothing New", "The Light", "Thank You For Being Here" , "Do it or Don't", and "Intro (Believe in Me)". Recorded by Daniel Blake @ The Schoolhouse Recording Studio. 4/3/23. Release details TBA

-The New Mingle - Live @ Pittsburgh International Airport 3/27/23. *audio bootleg

-Zac Starr / Chris Belin duo -tap dance & drum segment. Pitt to the Point news broadcast 2/6/23

-Derek Woods Band - Live @ Gobbler's Knob (Groundhog Day 2023). Punxsutawney, PA 2/2/23. 3 AM & 6 AM. *National television coverage & streamed live; currently available on YouTube. 

-Derek Woods Band- Live @ Barclay Square 2/1/23. *Portions filmed for "PITT to the Point" news broadcast. 

-Trio 724. LIve @ Unity Brewing. 1/21/23/ *audio bootleg

-Swift Hawk - currently untitled track. Recorded by Don Poth and Steve Dunn (mobile studio) 1/6/23. Release date TBA.

-The New MIngle - Private event 12/13/22. Pittsburgh, PA. *audio bootleg

-Derek Woods Band - Live @ The WIne Cellar. Jamestown, NY. 11/12/22. *audio bootleg

-Derek Woods Band - Live @ The Sugar Mill Saloon. Tarzana, CA. 11/4/22/ *audio bootleg

-Derek Woods Band - track "Picture Yourself" Live @ Soultone Cymbals. Encino, CA. 11/3/22.

Available on YouTube.

-Derek Woods Band - Live @ Hard Rock Cafe. Hollywood, CA. 11/2/22. *audio bootleg.

-Derek Woods Band - Live @ Novel Taproom. Newton, NC. 10/29/22. *audio bootleg.

-Derek Woods Band - Live @ Spillway Bridge & Co. Marion, NC. 10.28/22 *audio bootleg 

-Derek Woods Band - Live @ The Purple Fiddle. Thomas, WV. 10/27/22. *audio bootleg 

-Trio 724 - Live @ The Westmoreland Museum of Art. 10/21/22. *video bootleg. 

-Derek Woods Band - Live @ Ligonier Tavern (Ligonier Days) w/ Jackson Stokes 10/15/22. *audio bootleg. 

-Scott Schmitt - tracks "I'm Seein", "Praise the Lord", "Eternity Now", "Only Jesus" and "He Took the Nails for Me". Recorded by Matt Calvetti @ 1320 studios. Pittsburgh, PA. 10/2/22. Release details TBA.


-Derek Woods Band - Live at Jambrewzle 2022. 7/30/22. *video bootleg

-Derek Woods Band - Live @ Squatch Fest 2022. 7/16/22. *video bootleg.

-Derek Woods Band - Live at Peoples Natural Gas Park. Johnstown, PA. 7/2/22. *audio bootleg

-Trio 724 -self titled EP.6/18/22. Recorded by Daniel Blake @ The Schoolhouse Recording Studio. Released date September 2022.

-Iraguis In Pajamas- “The Convert’s Quest” drum demos. 6/5/22

-Western PA School For Blind Children, percussion ensemble performance for end of year program. 4/25/22.

-Alyssa Hankey - tracks "Hippie on the Hill" and 'Empty Seat" 4/24/22. *drum demos.

-Derek Woods Band- Mac & Cheese Fest. 4/23/22. *audio bootleg and local television news coverage.

-Hayley Daily- tracks “Silvergirl” “I am a Mountain” & “Changer”. 3/26/22. Recorded by Daniel Blake @ The Schoolhouse Recording Studio. Release details TBA.

-Derek Woods Band -Groundhog Day 2022. Worldwide television coverage. Videos available on YouTube. 

-Don Poth Project- tracks “These Restless Nights”, “Roll The Dice”, “Full Moon Nights”, “So Innocent”, “Talk the Talk” , & “Something’s Goin’ On”. Recorded by Don Poth @ 1320 Studios. Pitsburgh, PA. 1/10/22. Release details TBA.

-Iraquis in Pajamas - track “Kitchen Pirate”. Recorded by Matt Calvetti @ 1320 Studios. Pittsburgh, PA. 12/18//21. 10 PM. Release details TBA

-Derek Woods Band - Live on The Saturday Light Brigade. Pittsburgh, PA. 12/18/21. 11 AM - 12 PM. In studio electric performance and interview.

-Derek Woods Band - Live @ IUP 101.1. 12/5/21. 11 AM - 12 PM. In studio acoustic performance and interview.

-Chris Belin-Canopus Drums Snare Wire Installation video. Recorded @ 1320 Studios on 11/17/21. Release details from Canopus Drums TBA. 

-Iraquis In Pajamas- track “I Love My Jewfro” (audio and video). Recorded by Matt Calvetti @ 1320 Studios. Pittsburgh, PA. 11/6/21. 10 PM. Available on all streaming services & YouTube.

-Hayley & Josh- Live @ Club Cafe. 10/28/21. *Song clips and show portion available on Youtube. 

-Alyssa Hankey - Northerner. Recorded by Alyssa Hankey @ 1320 Studios. Pittsburgh, PA. 10/18/21. 1:45 PM. Album released April 2022. 

-Hayley & Josh-Live @ Iron Rock Taphouse. Greensburg, PA. 10/1/21. *bootleg

-Hayley Daily- tracks “Barnacle Blues” & “Lovely” (full band version). Recorded by Daniel Blake @ The Schoolhouse Recording Studio. 6/26/21. 10 AM. Release details TBA.

-Chris Belin - Intro to Hand Percussion (parts 1 & 2). Promo video for East Suburban Citizen Advocacy. Recorded @ 1320 Studios. Pittsburgh, PA. 5/9/21. Both clips available on YouTube. 

-Hayley Daily-track"Trust Yourself"Recorded by Daniel Blake at The Schoolhouse Recording Studio 5/7/21, 11:00 AM. *For the upcoming "Iamheartica" album release. More details TBA 

-Jim Day-track "Tattoed Angel" (two demo versions). Recorded and sent via home studio 5/3/21 & 5?5/21.

-Woods Family Band-Live at the Iron Rock Taphouse. 4/30/21. *video bootleg. 

-Hayley & Josh-Live at Bella Terra Winery. 3/28/21. Portions available on YouTube.

-Whiskey Limerick- Live via Zoom for the Western PA School For Blind Children.

Entire performance recorded 3/11/21,1 PM via Zoom and available on YouTube.

-Joe Scheller- tracks ""I Know it's Today", "Oh Bless the Lord" & "Watch What Happens".Recorded at The Schoolhouse Recording Studio in Greensburg, PA. by Daniel Blake. 3/11/21.

*For themusical "Dear HMS" by the HMS Drama Club streamed on 5/15/21. 

-Derek Woods Band-Live at The Palace Theatre. Online streaming performance, full concert live video recorded March 4th, 2021.

-Supermonkey- track "Elisa Bonita". Recorded at Cut N' Run Studios in Pittsburgh, PA. 2/28/21. *Performance in official video only.

-Hayley & Josh- Live at the Iron Rock Taphouse. 2/10/21. Clips available on YouTube.

-The Lay Jains- tracks "Time Gone By" and "All Over The Noise (version 2)". Recorded at Levi Graft studio: Connellsville, PA. 2/7/21. Release details TBA. 

-Joe Scheller- "I'll Be Home For Christmas". Audio recorded 12/14/20 & video recorded 12/18/20. *Drumstick version available on YouTube: *Brush version currently unreleased.

Nicole Leckenby-Promo Video for Home studio recording. 9/20/20 *Djembe.

-Cromer's Band- Live @ The Wicked Googily in Ligonier, PA. 6/13/20. *video bootleg

-Derek Woods Band -"Picture Yourself". Recorded at the Schoolhouse Recording Studio in Greensburg, PA by Daniel Blake. 2/13/20, 6/1/20, 10:00 AM & 6/9/20, 9:30 PM.

Mixed by Daniel Blake and Mastered by Gavin Lurssen.

*Drums & Percussion. Official release Summer 2021.

-Evan Dean Band-track "Southwind".Recorded by Evan Dean in Mt.Lebanon, PA. 5/3/20.

Release details TBA.

-The New Mingle-track "Face Mask Mixtape". Home Studio. Release details TBA.

-Joe Cippolone - demos for "Daylight" & "Dimmer Day". Home studio. 4/23/20 & 4/28/20.

-The Hayley & Josh Album- tracks "Prelude (Believe in Yourself), "Good Times" , "Stand Up (A Song For Our Revolution)" "Never Stop", 'Lose Your Cool", "Be Strong", & "Brand New With You". Recorded at the Schoolhouse Recording Studio in Greensburg, PA by Daniel Blake. 2/18/20. 10 AM. *Drumset. Now available streaming.

-Derek Woods Band-Live on The Saturday Light Brigade.

Recorded & Broadcasted from The Children's Museum; Pittsburgh, PA. 2/15/20. Available online @

-Evan Dean Band- demos for "Verbed". Recorded at Mixta Slappy Studios; Mt Lebanon, PA 1/19/20.

-Derek Woods Band - Live on 102.5 WDVE Morning show. Performed tracks "Unforgiving Tree" & "The Question" live on air 1/17/20. Available on the iHeart radio app and well as YouTube (via the Point Park Stage)

-The New Mingle- Untitled. Recorded 12/13/19 Recorded at YCS Studios: Pittsburgh, PA. 1/28/19. Release details TBA.

-Cromers Band-track "Feel it All Around". Audio & video. Recorded by Mike Cromer in White Oak, PA. 9/8/19. Release details TBA.

-The New Mingle-Lancaster & Sanderss. Album recorded live 8/24/19 & mixed by YCS studios (mobile). Mastered astered by the Reverend Jesse Harlow Cincinatti, OH. Released on on 1/21/2020. (c) 2020 Twolick Recordings. OlD 3C Label Group.

-Evan Dean Band-track"The Nitty Gritty".Recorded by Evan Dean in Mt.Lebanon, PA. and Doug Kasper at Tonic Recording Studios in Mckeesport, PA. 821/19 thru 8/28/19. Available on Spotify & Apple Music.

Derek Woods Band-Live at Yasgur Farm (Woodstock 50 celebration in Bethel, NY). 8/16/19. Recorded by Front Row Dave Music Videos.- Tracks "Up in the Air", "Unforgiving Tree", and "Fall of the Cards. Recorded by Front Row Dave Music Videos. Currently avaible at

-Derek Woods Band-LIve At 21st Morainne Regatta. 8/3/19. *Full show available on Youtube.

-Derek Woods Band- Live at FarmJammaLamma 12. 7/5/19. *Full set available on

Dave York. Morning Service @ East End Assembly of God:Pittsburgh, PA. 6/2/19. *Video bootleg.

-Evan Dean Band- Live at Castle Shannon Community Days. 5/26/19.*Portions filmed for WTAE Channel 4 Pittsburgh, PA. 

-Derek Woods Band-Live at Jergels: Warrendale, PA. 5/17/19. Opening for Jefferson Starship. *Video bootleg.

-Evan Dean Band-Live a River's Casino; Pittsburgh, PA. *Portions of show filmed for KDKA Channel 2 Pittsburgh, PA

-Zac Lloyd-demos for "Big Middle Finger" & Trapped in the Pit. 5/13/19. Demos for "Takeover" & "Electric Shock Treatment" 5/23/19.

-The New Mingle-Live at The Get Together. Pittsburgh, PA. Lawrenceville. 4/16/19.*Portions released late 2019, audio & video.

-Derek Woods Band-"The Question" EP. Recorded at the Schoolhouse Recording Studio in Greensburg, PA by Daniel Blake. 4/15/19. 9 AM. *Drums & Percussion. Released 7/4/19. *Available on all streaming platforms & CD. + ^ AW:

Hollywood Muisc in Media Award was won for best Americana / Folk / Acousitc song "Unforgiving Tree" .

-Ill Eagle Aliens-track "$h#t Just Got Reel". Recorded at YCS Studios: Pittsburgh, PA. 1/28/19. Release details TBA.

-The New Mingle- track "Sweet Five Nine". Recorded at YCS Studios: Pittsburgh, PA. 1/28/19. Release details TBA.

-Dave York -AM New Years Service @ East End Assembly of God. Pittsburgh, PA.1/6/19. *video bootleg

-Attack Drumheads Promo Video-Recorded January 3rd, 2019. Pittsburgh, PA for Attack Drumheads and Cardinal Percussion. Release details TBA. More info @ &

-Evan Dean Band- Live at the Matterhorn (Seven Springs). December 30th, 2018. *video bootleg.

-Dave York -AM Holiday Service @ East End Assembly of God. Pittsburgh, PA.12/16/18. *video bootleg

-KIm Maverick-tracks "Back to Earth", "The Siren", "Made of Glass", & "Wherever You Roam". Recorded at The Schoolhouse Recording Studio in Greensburg, PA. by Daniel Blake. 12/10/18. 2 PM. Release details TBA.

-Los Cabos Drumsticks-Stick Toss Promo Video #2. Filmed at Lewis Music Studio in Bridgeville, PA. 12/9/18, Release details TBA. 

-Don Poth Project-tracks "Motel No Tell", "Long Road To Nowhere", & "Passions Played" (for the album "Lonesome Troubodour"). Tracks "Kool Kat Katie" & "Cheatin" Blues" (currently unreleased).

Recorded in Pittsburgh, PA on Sunday November 25th, 2018. Mixed by Mike St. Leon in Nashville, TN on December 18th, 2018. Pre-production demos for all tracks also recorded on 11/12/18.

*Lonesome Troubador officially released Fall 2019 via CD.

-Ill Eagle Aliens- demo for "$#it Just Got Reel". 11/8/18.

-Drum Clinic @ The Holy Institute; Emsworth, PA. 10/27/18 *video bootleg (short clip)

-The Cliff Dogs-demos for tracks "Ever Since", "Home", "Winner's Last Dinner", "Lose Control", &" Night Parking Garage". May thru October 2018. 

-Evan Dean Band- Live at Seven Springs Autumn Fest. Saturday October 6th, 2018.

*Portions used for official promo videos via & YouTube.

-Summer_Winter. - demos for "Big Fear", "Floating on Lies", "Should Have Been Love", "I Want To Like You" & one untitled (Keyboard song). 8/4/18.

-Dave York -AM Service @ East End Assembly of God. Pittsburgh, PA.5/20/18. *video bootleg

-Sweet Revenge- demo for "Avoid Tomorrow". Recorded by Billy Rossi, home studio. Monroeville, PA.

April 25th & May 3rd, 2018. 10:15 PM.

-Western PA School for Blind Children-Sky Bridge Ceremony. Video portions filmed of Drum School Percussion Ensemble for WPXI Channel 11 (Pittsburgh, PA) and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review new broadcasts. 5/3/18.

-Dave York -AM Service @ East End Assembly of God. Pittsburgh, PA.4/29/18. *video bootleg

-Dave York-AM Service at East End Assembly of God. Pittsburgh, PA. 4/22/18. *video bootleg

-Evan Dean Band.-Live at Headliners (Meadows Casino). Washington, PA. 4/13/18. *Video bootleg

-Western PA School for Blind Children-"Holiday Road Trip DVD". Recorded 12/13/17 & 12/15/17. Pittsburgh, PA.* Performed in the holiday concert as part of the New York Trio.

-The New Mingle- tracks "Wayback 2017", "Intro Duo Sing", "Four Ones" & two currently untitled. Recorded by Matt Calvetti, home studio. Pgh, PA. 11/13/17 & 11/20/17.

To be released 2019 as part of a full album in 2019.

-Drum Clinic @ The Children's Institute; Pittsburgh, PA. 11/6/17. *video bootleg (short clip).

-97.7 The Rock Station, Grassroots Show (interview). Recorded Monday October 2nd, 2017. Air date Sunday October 8th, 2017 at 7 PM.

-The Lay Jains- tracks "Summer Soon", All Over the Noise", "Remember Florida", "I'm On Your Side" & one currently untitled. Recorded at Levi Graft Studio; Connellsville, PA. Thursday September 21st, 2017. 10:00 AM. Release details TBA. 

-Evan Dean Band- Live at The Crafthouse Stage & Grill.Saturday September 16th, 2017. *video bootleg. 

-Evan Dean Band-track "Roll Away the Stone". Live at Rumfish Grille. Bridgeville, PA. 5/20/17 *Live promo clip to coincide with Almanac article.

-Walk of Shame- 2017 promo video. March 2017. 

-Walk of Shame- Live at Generations. Wheeling, WV. 2/4/17. *video bootleg. 

--Walk of Shame-live @ Jergel's. Warrendale, PA.Friday January 6th, 2017. *video bootleg.

-The Wind Cries Mani (Jimi Hendrix Tribute)- Live at Hollywood Lanes. Pittsburgh, PA. Saturday November 26th, 2016. *audio bootleg. 

-The Wind Cries Mani (Jimi Hendrix Tribute)-Live at Cattivo. Pittsburgh, PA. Friday November 11th, 2016. *video & audio bootleg. Multiple live clips from the show posted on YouTube. 

-Strange Brew- Live at Tavern in the Wall. Aspinwall, PA. Saturday November 5th, 2016. 9:30 PM. *audio bootleg.

-The Drum School Percussion Ensemble-Live at Gateway High School for the Multicutural Festival. Saturday November 5th, 6:45 PM. *video bootleg. 

-The Redlines. -Live at the Double Wide Grill (Acoustic). Cranberry, PA. October 8th, 2016. *audio bootleg

-The Redlines-track "Murky Water". Recorded live at Cedar's. Younstown,OH. September 24th, 2016. 

-The New Mingle-Live at Run Around The Square, Pittsburgh, PA (Regent Square). 8/27/16. *video bootleg

-The Redlines-live at Stinky's (RANT Festival). 8/13/17. *video bootleg

-Chris Belin-"Drumming for the Young and the Young at Heart", final performance clips.Filmed by Reber Video on Sunday August 7th, 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA. Available on DVD & digital download. Released August 15th, 2017. 

-The Redlines-live a Wooley Bully's 7/30/16. *video bootleg

-The Redlines-Live @ The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival. 7/16/16. *video bootleg.

Clip of "Murky Water" available on You Tube. 

The Redlines-tracks "Back to Me" & "County Road" (Acoustic version).

Recorded at 97.7 The Rock Station studios, Butler, PA on 7/11/16 for 7/24/16 broadcast. 

-The Redlines. Live @ Deutschtown Music Festival. 7/9/16. *video bootleg

-Christiane Dolores-Live at Spirit Hall (Layer Cake Festival). 3 PM. 6/4/16. *video bootleg

-The New Mingle-Live at Spirit Hall (Layer Cake Festival). 2 PM. 6/4/16. *video bootleg

-The Redlines- Live at Wooley Bully's. 5/27/16. *video bootleg.

-Ben Flint Band-Live at East Palestine Eagles. March 26th, 2016. *video bootleg.

Clip of "Crossroads (John Mayer version) available on YouTube.

-Christiane Dolores-Live at Nordy's; Pittsburgh, PA. March 16th, 2016. *video bootleg.

Chris Belin'-"Drumming for the Young and the Young at Heart", part 1 of performance clips. Filmed by Reber Video in Dover, Ohio on January 31st, 2016. Available on DVD and digital download. Released August 15th, 2017.   

-Steeltown Religion- LIve at the Meadow's Casino. Washington, PA. 1/9/16. Multiple live clips from the show posted on You Tube. 

-Christiane Dolores. -tracks "Bricks in the Sun", "Institution", "Fading Rage", "Little One". 11?30/15. Recorded live in Pgh during private event album showcase. To be officially released in video format 2016  

-Steeltown Religion-Live at Latitude 360, Pittsburgh, PA. 11/11/15. 22 live clips from the show posted on You Tube. *video bootlegs.

-Steeltown Religion-"Hell on Heels" (Piston Annies). October 10th, 2015. Recorded live at Rocktober Fest; Paradise Park in Cowansville, PA. *video bootleg. Clip available on You Tube. 

-Ben Flint Band-track "Long Train Runnin' (Doobie Brothers). Friday July 17th, 2015 @ The Baruni Grill. *video bootleg. Clip available on You Tube. 

-Ben Flint Band-Live at Buffalo Hollow; Petersburg, OH. July 11th, 2015. *video bootleg. Live version of "Rock This Town" (The Stray Cats) available on You Tube. 

-Ben Flint Band-Live at Clark's Bar; Youngstown, OH. June 27th, 2015. *video bootleg. Live version on "Lay Down Sally (Eric Clapton) available on You Tube.

Chris Belin'-"Drumming for the Young and the Young at Heart", interviews & percussion clips. Filmed by Reber Video in Pittsburgh's south side Sunday June 21st, 2015. Available on DVD & digital download. and digital download. Released August 15th, 2017.  

-Ben Flint Band-Live at Clark's Bar; Youngstown, OH. May 9th, 2015. *video bootleg.

-Steeltown Religion- tracks "Pontoon" (Little Big Town), "Done" (The Band Perry), "Play Something Country" (Brooks & Dunn). Except from Latitude 360 live performance on May 6th, 2015. *video bootlegs posted on YouTube & Facebook. 

-Evan Dean Band- track "Hard to Handle" (cover of Black Crowes version). Monday May 4th, 2015. To be used for the Evan Dean Band 2015 EPK. Recorded at Jagged Needle Studios, Pittsburgh, PA. 

-Ben Flint Band-Live at The Legion. East Liverpool, OH. Saturday February 7th, 2015. *video bootleg. Portions of footage, along with improv instrumental recording, are featured in "Ben Flint Band" promo video available on You Tube. 

-The Simple Carnival - track "Lunch For Dinner. Recorded by Jeff Boller. Sunday January 11th, 2015 @ 12:30 PM. Greensburg, PA. Release details TBA, 

-The New Mingle-track "Room Groove". Recorded live by documentary filmmaker Rick Sebak, at the Run Around The Square 5K event in Pittsburgh, PA. Saturday August 23rd, 2014. 8:15 AM. *Video clip available on You Tube. 

-Gail Noullet- TCS Cabaret 2014 sampler. Live at D'Imperio's restaurant. Tuesday July 15th, 2014. 7:15 PM. *video

bootleg. *Live 1:52 sampler clip available on You Tube.

-Christiane Dolores. -"Amor Fati part 1". Recorded at The Church Recording Studio, Brentwood, PA. Sunday June 15th, 2014. 9:00 PM. Released 12/22/15.  

-The Phil Harmonics- Live at the Pittsburgh society of Illustrators Saturnalia (Djembe) Saturday December 18th, 2013. 10:00 PM *video bootleg. *Live club available on You Tube. 

-The New Mingle-'Tis of Thee" (two versions). Drum tracks recorded at YCS studios, Pittsburgh, PA. Friday November 1st, 2013. 10:50 PM. *Audio to be used for upcoming film "Garden City 2" by director Dr. Gregory Allan. 

-Jared Penberg-"currently untitled track". Drum track recorded at YCS studios, Pittsburgh, PA. Friday November 1st, 2013. 10:15 PM. Release details TBA. 

-The Satin Hearts-Live at The band jam grass roots music festival. Saturday July 13th, 2013. *video bootleg.

*Live clip of "Wild Child" available on You Tube. 

-The Satin Hearts-Live at West New Castle St. Plaza. Friday June 21st, 2013. *video bootleg.

-The Satin Hearts-Live @ Peter B's. Wednesday June 19th, 2013. Thunder at the Barn event. *video bootleg.

-The Satin Hearts- Television show "The Beat". Originally broadcast on Armstrong Cable Tuesday July 2nd, 2013 7:00 PM. Also available On Demand is PA, NY, OH, MD, and DE. Video and audio for 7 songs recorded mid April 2013. *Live video of "Zombies" is available on You Tube. 

-Daily Anger- tracks "Talk Me Down" & "Viktums". Recorded at Billy Rossi Recording, Monroeville, PA. Friday February 15th, 2013. 2:04 PM. Available at  

-The Westsylvanian's-tracks "Neck Meat" (cajon) & "How High Is Your Flame?". Recorded at YCS studios, Pittsburgh, PA. Saturday February 2nd, 2013, late evening. 

-The New Mingle- track "Bread". for upcoming album to be released late 2014. Recorded at YCS studios, Pittsburgh, PA. Sunday January 13th, 2013. Late evening.

-Jared Penberg-"currently untitled track". Drum track recorded at YCS studios, Pittsburgh, PA. Friday November 1st, 2013. 10:15 PM. Release details TBA. 

-The New Mingle- Live @ Club Diesel, Pittsburgh, PA. 12/9/12. Portions of Dave Whaley benefit performance featured on WPXI channel 11 news, 10 & 11 PM broadcasts. Visual only, no audio. 

-The Satin Hearts- Live @ Peter B's. Friday November 9th, 2012. *Video with audio bootleg. *Portions of video (no audio) used for "Wild Child" (live) video. 

-JG Boccella-track"Unstoppable". Recorded October 24th, 2012, 11:30 AM.

-The Satin Hearts -track "Show Me to the Bar". Recorded at Broadcast Lane Studios, Pittsburgh, PA. Sunday September 16, 2012. late evening. Available on iTunes & CD Baby. *Featured on CD Baby's 2013 Indie Blues Music Channel on YouTube.

-The Satin Hearts-tracks "Where'd you get that thing" & "That boy don't love me". Recorded at Broadcast Lane Studios, Pittsburgh, PA. Sunday September 16, 2012. late evening. Currently unreleased.

-The New Mingle -track "Mingle Mansion" for upcoming album to be released late 2014. Recorded at YCS studios, Pittsburgh, PA. Monday September 3rd, 2012 (Labor Day)

-The New Mingle- Live @ Run Around The Square. Pittsburgh, PA.August 25th, 2012. 8:15 AM - 9:15 AM. *video bootleg. *Portions featured on"Live @ Run around the square 2012"video.

-Summer-Winter- tracks Heart of a Starling", "Borrowed Time", & "Quiet Worlds". From the album "Heart of a Starling". Recorded at The Wilderness Recording Studio (formerly known as J-Bird studios), Zelienople, PA. July 2012. Released August 1,2013. 

-The Satin Hearts-Live @ Peter B's, Sarver, PA. 7/18/12. *video bootleg

-The Satin Hearts-Live @ Funfest. Harmorvile, PA. 7/12/12. *Sample clips available on You Tube. 

-The Satin Hearts-Live @ R Bar, Pittsburgh, PA. 7/11/12. Full 3 hour show. *audio bootleg

-Jersey Shore season 6.Monday June 25th, 2012. Seaside Heights, NJ. 495 Productions. ~filmed as an extra (scenes in The Shore Store and on the boardwalk)

 -The Woodpile- track "Cristina". Released March 3rd, 2012 on You Tube. Recorded at Tangerine Sound Studios, Akron OH. January 3rd, 2009. {AL}

-The Westsylvanian's- tracks "The Breadwinner" "Blue Bonnet", "Oh how the mind forgets", "The Stacelsky (double drum set w/ Joel Husintis)" & "Al Fakher" (doumbek). Recorded @ YCS studios, Pittsburgh, PA. Early morning January 22, 2012, *Promo video, available on You Tube, contains audio samples from each track.

-Christiane D.-Live @ The Shadow Lounge, Pittsburgh, PA. 11/25/11. *video bootleg

-Summer-Winter- Live @ Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA. 11/10/11. *video bootleg

-Strange Brew- track "Going up the Country" ( originally performed by Canned Heat). Recorded live @ R Bar, Pittsburgh, PA. Featured on R Bar official Facebook page. 11/6/11

-JG Boccella & the Modo Mio band- Two tracks (official titles to be announced) for upcoming release. Recorded Sunday October 16th, 2011, Pittsburgh (highland park area) mid afternoon.

 -The New Mingle- Live @ Run Around The Square. Pittsburgh, PA August 27th, 2011. 8:15 AM - 9:30 AM. Video clips available at

 -Mo Nelson Band.-Live @ Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA. 7/22/11. *video bootlegs 

-Christiane D.-Beautiful Disaster (Live). Recorded @ the August Wilson Center, Pittsburgh, PA. 5/25/11. Clip currently available on You Tube. *audio & video bootleg.    

 -The Satin Hearts-Living On Overdrive. 14 tracks recorded @ DNT studios, Monroeville, PA on April 2nd & 3rd, 2011. Available on iTunes & CD Baby. (C) 2011 Riff Records.+ ^ #. In May 2012, the record made the FMQB top 50 most added nationally to commercial radio.

-The Satin Hearts-tracks "Where'd you get that thing" & "Million Dollars". Recorded @ Alby Road Studios, Mt. Lebanon, PA on March 2, 2011. Currently unreleased.

 -Christiane D- track “Sick”,December 12, 2010 & track“Beautiful Disaster”,February 27, 2011. Recorded late afternoon @ Rackety House Studios, Pittsburgh, PA. From the ablum "Obilioquity of the Ecliptic", Nov 2011.

Official video for "Beautiful Disaster" available on You Tube. Track also featured on OOTE sampler disc released 5/25/11. Song also featured on 91.3 WYEP FM best of 2011. + ^ # {AL}

-Summer-Winter- Bewildered. Recorded Nov / Dec 2010 @ Mr. Smalls Studios, Pittsburgh, PA. (C) 2011 Yellow Bird Records. Songs featured on 91.3 WYEP FM best of 2011. + #

-The New Mingle-track “First Impression” live from the Eclipse Lounge, Pgh, PA 12/8/10.

*Bootleg promo clip can be found on the venue’s official facebook page.

-Strange Brew- track “wipe out” (the Sufaris), live @ the wooden nickel 12/3/10. *video bootleg

-The Simple Carnival- Smitten. Recorded November 2010 by Jeff Boller in Greensburg, PA. Tracks "Smitten" & "Everything that grown ups know" available for purchase on

"Smitten" video available on You Tube. Songs & videos have been featured in stereoscopic conventions and special events. Full album available streaming and hardcopy. + ^ AW

-The Simple Carnival-tracks "I m an Airplane you are a Boat", "Supermodel with a PHD" and "Heart Shaped Tattoo".Recorded November 2010 by Jeff Boller in Greensburg, PA.Tentative to appear on future box set or b-sides compilation. 

-Big Boss Band-tracks "Stormy Monday", "Baby please don't go", & "Wang Dang Doodle". September 12th, 2010, early evening. *bootlegs not intended for release.

-The New Mingle- Freeep. Track by track recording details: "In the Audiocean". March 12th, 2009 & overdubs Feb 2010. "The 1, 2, Punch”, February 1st, 2010 10:00 PM & percussion overdubs (djembe & shaker) 11:15 PM. "Give & Receive" February 15th, 2010 9:45 PM (featured in Greg Allan film "Escape from Neverland" releasing in 2014) "Again”, February 17th, 2010. 10:00 AM. "Newfangled". February 20th, 2009. Recorded @ YCS studios. Pittsburgh, PA. Available for free on CD (limited edition) & at (C) 2011 Twolick Recordings

-The New Mingle. tracks "The Return of Excitement" & "Room Groove". From the Freep sessions.

Recorded Feb 2010 @ YCS studios, Pittsburgh, PA. Currently unreleased.

 -29th Ward-track "Heydey Regrets". January 14th, 2010. Recorded @ Jagged Needle studios, Castle, Shannon, PA.

-Alison Tuesday-track "D'yer Maker”.

Led Zeppelin cover recorded live @ The Rhythm House Café, Bridgeville, PA.1/2/10.

*bootleg DVD. Currently available on You Tube.

-The Trio (Ben Flint, Chris Belin, Jordan Crawford)-Live at The Rhythm House Cafe. 1/2/10. *video bootleg

-Alison Tuesday-rehearsal footage of 12 songs (portions tentatively used for future release). Recorded @ Store express, Pittsburgh, PA. *bootleg DVD. September 16th, 2009, October 23rd, 2009, & November 5th, 2009. Demo audio drum tracks also recorded @ Mr. C's "no shoes" studio, Rochester, PA during fall 2009.

-29th Ward- press kit tracks "Come Together (The Beatles)" Superfly (Curtis Mayfield), & "Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen)". All excerpts used for promotional use only. August 25th, 2009. 10:13 - 11:37 pm. Recorded @ Jagged Needle studios, Castle Shanoon, PA.

-JG Boccella & The Modo Mio band- Live @ Kennywood amusement park. *bootleg. August 19th, 2009.

-Eric Graham- track Murry Ave ". July 24th, 2009. 6:00 PM. Recorded @ Play on recording studios, Gibsonia, PA

-Visionary - Live @ Fletcher's Baltimore, MD. *bootleg audio & video. June 28th, 2009.

-29th Ward-Live @ Howler's Coyote Cafe. *bootleg DVD. May 26, 2009.

-29th Ward-track "My Lioness". 11:00 PM approx. March 31st, 2009. Recorded @ Jagged Needle studios, Castle Shannon, PA

-29th Ward-track "Breaking your hands".February 18th, 2009.Recorded @

Jagged Needle Studios, Castle Shannon, PA.

 -Tyet -The Tyet Experiment. January 8th & 9th, 2011.Recorded @ Laughing Tiger studios, San Raphael, CA. Available on iTunes. + ^

-JG Boccella & the Modo Mio band-track “Auld (instrumental). January 6, 2009. Recorded @ Justin Brown’s home studio, Swissvale, PA.

-The Woodpile-Life Vacation.Recorded @ Tangerine Sound Studios. Akron, OH. January 3rd, 2009 & also @ Play On Recording Studios Gibsonia, PA July 24th, 2009, 4:00 PM. (c) 2012 30K Records. +

-The Woodpile-tracks "Situation (2 versions)", "Who's gonna call me out? ( alternate version), "Hit me up", "Houston", "Straight lines", "Rat in the basement", "Life Vacation (version 1). Recorded @ Tangerine Sound Studios. Akron, OH. January 3rd, 2009. Currently unreleased.  

-Summer-Winter-Alone Is Yes. Released version recorded @ Mr. Smalls Recording Studio. Pgh, PA. Dec 21st, 2008. Full album available on iTunes. Unreleased versions of the songs, currently existing in MP3 format, recorded @ Blackberry Studios, Lawrenceville, PA on November 18, 2008. (c) 2009 Yellow Bird Records. + #

-Summer-Winter-track "Yer Dead (version 1)". Currently unreleased. Recorded @ Mr. Smalls Recording Studio. Pgh, PA. Dec 21st, 2008 & at Blackberry Studios Nov 18, 2008 during the “Alone is yes” sessions.

-29th Ward- MMVIII. Recorded @ Jagged Needle studios, Castle Shannon, PA. *Drumset & conga. Available @ Limited hard copies available. +

-Tyet - track “Stand For Change". August 2008. Drums recorded @ YCS studios, Pittsburgh, PA. Available @ the lyrical content of this song does not necessarily reflect my political views. + ^

-The New Mingle-Live @ the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. Bootleg. 2008

-29th Ward-track"Funk 51 the next chapter". June 2008. Recorded @ Jagged Needle Studios, Castle Shannon, PA. Instrumental promo track. Available @

-The New Mingle-track "Wayback (improvisation)".MySpace free download promo. Recorded @ YCS studios, Pittsburgh, PA. 2008. Available @ & reverb

-The Douglass Brothers-Live @ Sherlock's Erie, PA. *DVD bootleg. 2008

-The Bitter Strings- tracks " Bleed Like You Made Me", "New Girl", & 5 unreleased / untitled tracks. *bootlegs, Feb 2008. Recorded @ Jagged Needle Studios, Castle Shannon, PA.

-JG Boccella- track "Like a Rolling Stone. January 2008. Available on iTunes. Originally written by Bob Dylan. (c) 1965. Special Rider Music. Used by permission.

-The Bitter Strings-tracks "Addicted" & "Only the Devil Remains". 2008 promo live versions. Recorded @ Jagged Needle Studios, Castle Shannon, PA.

-Strange Brew-Live @ Billie’s Vodka & Wine bar. *bootleg DVD. May 2007.

*Track "Queen Bee" available on

You Tube &

-Rhapsodic-self titled. Recorded spring 2006 / 2007 @ YCS studios, Pittsburgh, PA. Available @

-Strange Brew- Live @ Tully's. *bootleg DVD & audio. March 19th, 2007. Select tracks available on

-Chris Hannigan-tracks"Livin' in the city", "My only" (2 versions). 2007

-JG Boccella-"Undercover White Man" program promo video. 2006

-Ron Ziai-track "Down". 2006

-Supermonkey-Monster Mash @ Alter Bar. *bootleg DVD. 2006

-The Douglass Brothers- 2006 live show DVD bootlegs: CD release party @ The Rex Theatre. Pittsburgh Café Oakland, PA

-The Douglass Brothers-demo tracks for "Mondo Man", "Slow Down", & "Christine". *bootleg. 2006

-JG Boccella & The Modo Mio Band-track "Change". 2006. Available on CDbaby & iTunes. Official video available online, shot 2006. Song featured on JG Boccella’s “racial realities channel” on you tube 2007 & filmed live in concert for “future is mine” promotional video. *Drum set & doumbek

-JG Boccella & the Modo Mio Band-2006 live show bootlegs: Mr. Smalls Theatre May (audio). Kennywood amusement park, August (Video) UPMC special event, September (video)

-Supermonkey-track"Microphone"live on 102.5 WDVE Pgh 6/16/06. +

-Sara Claire & The New Mingle-live @ the square cafe.2006. *bootleg

-The New Mingle-live @ the center for contemporary craft. 2006. *bootleg

-The New Mingle-self titled EP.2006. Recorded @ YCS studios, Pittsburgh, PA.

-Richard Graf-tracks "Bittersuite" & "Soulshine". *djembe. 2006


-Supermonkey-Ice Monkey EP. Recorded @ Soundscape Studios (now Tonic Recording Studios) Mckeesport, PA. 2006

-The Westsylvanian’s- track “1,000 song”. Appeared in the chorus section. February 17, 2006.

-Supermonkey-live @ Hard Rock Cafe Pgh. *bootleg DVD & you tube clips. 2005

-ouve-live @ IUP. *bootleg. 2005

-Steve Stax-tracks "I don't need a reason" & "It's just a game".2005

-Strange Brew-live @ The Bottom's Up Saloon. 2005. bootleg

-ouve- tracks "Push", "You don't know", “Happy”, & “Fuego”. Recorded in 2005, currently unreleased

-ouve-live @ the church of love & music. 2005 *bootleg

-ouve-18 currently unreleased bootlegs, live & previously unreleased songs.

-ouve-live@ the quiet storm. *bootleg. Jan 17th, 2004.

-The Westsylvanian’s-tracks “Yeah. Mouth” & “Popcorn”. June 2003

-PittsburghO'Reilly Theatre-"Big Band" drum loop. Recorded by Zach Moore / Ddb studios, Pittsburgh. 2003

-ouve-self titled EP.2003. Recorded by Zach Moore / Ddb studios. Pittsburgh, PA. *Drums & percussion. #

-The Westsylvanian’s-tracks “We can” & “Kakenbollz”. Late Oct. 2002.

-Ouve Azzy Runk-track "Revolution Rain". *bootleg. 2002

-Ouve Azzy Runk-Tree. 2002. Recorded by Zach Moore / Ddb studios. Pgh, PA. *Drumset & percussion. Currently available @ & select music stores around Pittsburgh, PA. #

-Ouve Azzy Runk-Live @ The Quiet Storm. 2002 *bootleg. Recorded by Mad Merv, Available on

-Ouve Azzy Runk-Live @ The Well, Detroit, MI. *bootleg. 2001

-Ouve Azzy Runk-Sounds from six-s. July 2001. +

-Ouve Azzy Runk Trio-live @ Cafe Au-Lait. *bootleg. March 5th, 2001

-Ouve Azzy Runk Trio-1/2001. *Drums & percussion.

-Ouve Azzy Runk Trio-the yard sale show. *bootleg. Nov 5th, 2000

-The Sasquatch Machine sessions. Recorded @ Duquense University. 1999

-R. Wednesday- tracks "Channel Surf" & "Pain" 1996


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