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Drum School

Busier Than Ever in 2023!

2023 officially marks 20 years of doing the Drum School with a full time roster and it's my 25th overall teaching! Lots of new lesson content was added to the curriculum to start the year, catering to students of all ages and playing levels, and more is on the way! Please click the "Drum School Info" link for more details!

Freelance Drums & Percussion

Busier than ever in 2023!

My calendar of performances and recording sessions continues to be stacked for 2023!

 Please scroll down as well as click the tabs to the top right for more info! 

Honored to be a member of this award winning band since 2019! Please check out DWB's official website and follow us on social media for performance updates, merchandise, and much more!

Latest single / video! 

Writing, recording, and performing alongside Joe Scheller and Jacob Horwat in the multi genre trio! 

                         Latest Single / Video! 

 Honored to handle the drum duties for her most recent album "Northerner" and appear on select full band live dates in 2022! More info on Alyssa @

                                    First Single! 

Honored to play drum set & percussion on multiple tracks for her upcoming album "I am Hertica"! Check on Hayley Dailey on social media for more info! 

                                    First Single!

The New Mingle! 

Since 2006 this duo with Matt Calvetti has been doing select live dates each year, public and private events. 

  A new full length album is slated for a late 2023 release. More info @ 

Cromer's Band!

Been appearing on select dates performing all types of Rock. More info @ 

Scott Schmitt!

Honored to handle drum duties for Scott's debut album! Release details TBA! 


Appearing on annual dates with this Irish quintet around St. Patrick's Day in the Pittsburgh, PA region. More info @ 


Honored to be handling drum duties for the first SH album! Release details TBA! 

Performing Weekly @ Pittsburgh church!

Since 2016, with a referral from the Pittsburgh Musician's Union, I've been the full time drummer / percussionist for East End Assembly Of God in Pittsburgh, PA. Appearing weekly on most Sunday services & annual holidays! 

More info on the church can be found at, as well as their official FB page...where services stream live!  

Drum Classes @ Western PA School For Blind Children...Drum Circle with History of Drumming & Rhythm! 

 Since 2017, I've been teaching a weekly Drum Circle / History of Drumming class at WPSBC in Pittsburgh, PA. Special public and private performances are also done periodically throughout the year. More info on the school can be found at 

Drum Clinics / Seminars! 

Been having great experiences these past few years performing educational, special events all over the Pittsburgh area, including music festivals, concert venues, Summer camps, churches, recreation centers, hospitals, care facilities, and private parties. 

Please visit my "concert calendar" page for upcoming appearances as well as the "drum school info" page for more info on seminar content.

Proud to have an artist endorsement with the following companies: 

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