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-Welcome to my official site, for all things <Traveling> Drum School & Freelance Drumming.
Drum School: Pittsburgh, PA area (40 mile radius) since 1999. Logged in over 16,000 individual lessons, many group classes, and more than 600,000 miles. 
  Also available for FaceTime / Skype instruction (students outside of Pgh area only) as well as seminars / clinics.

Live Performance: Played 1,500+ shows in many parts of the US, with over 30 different bands / artists, in all genres. 

Recording: Appeared on over 100 recordings, including 
close to 40 official studio releases. 

Percussion Maintenance:  Tuning classes, tech work, and minor drum repairs. 

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Voted #1  Drum Lessons in Pittsburgh
   I was very excited to get the message from the staff that I was voted #1 among the top drum lessons in Pittsburgh,PA! Since I signed up in 2011 I received this notice on 5 different occasions holding the top spot in the "top rated", "most reviewed", & "most vetted" categories. As of September 2012, I am still holding this spot!! Many thanks for the great feedback & to all those who have voted! I'll continue to give 110% in all I do. Just received my official "best of 2015" & "'best of 2016" badges as well as my spotlight profile (see below) is a great search engine to seek out local services in your area.Please click on the link located in the "contact & social site links" page. 

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Chris Belin's <Traveling> Drum School
Instructional video / book release coming soon
   This past Spring I put the finishing touches on the content for my first instructional drum video w/ corresponding book. On June 21st the majority of the video content was recorded. Since then I've been working on the book portion, as well as combing thru the hours of content filmed in between an extremely busy season of gigs & lessons, to put together the best package possible. A little more content is slated to be filmed this Fall -Winter, with a targeted March 2017 release.
    The content is hush for now as it is a very different concept and no other music education materials out there are like this. The format for this release will be digital & hard copy, and will be distributed worldwide in stores and online. I'm working with a great group of people on this project, including the OH based company Reber Video. More details coming soon…

Endorsement deal!
     RB DRUM CO.     (Custom Snares)

In February 2016 I became an official RB Drum Co. artist! 
The owner / sole proprietor Rich Bloom specializes in hand crafting custom snares, and has been doing so for decades! Please check out the updated RB Drum Co. Facebook page and look for a new RB website coming soon. Please check out the video below detailing my first RB snare!

Videos on on my newest RB snares, a 14x4 piccolo & a 6 1/2 by 14 maple drum, will be posted late Spring 2017!

2017 live dates with WALK OF SHAME / WALK OF LOVE
 I'm psyched to get the chance to work with Walk of Shame (also known as Walk of Love for weddings), a top rated cover band based in Pittsburgh but frequently travels to the east coast. They have a fun, varied song list ranging from Top 40 to Pop Punk anthems to County to Classics. Currently scheduled to perform their upcoming full-band PA, OH, & WV shows. The band was recently awarded the 2017 Couples Choice Award by Wedding Wire as well! 
  Please check out my "concert calendar page" for a list of dates I'll be appearing on. 
               For more band info, please visit 

Late 2016 into 2017 with

Late this past Fall 2016 I signed on to do the remainder of Pittsburgh's iconic Strange Brew Blues Band's shows for the year. This isn't my first run with this crew either..I've performed well over 300 shows with this group all over the trip-state area since 2004!  I'll be performing with them in 2017 as well, please check my "concert calendar" page for dates. For more info on the band, please visit

New release from CHRISTIANE DOLORES 
Debuts in the top 100 Jazz album sales on iTunes. 
Video released for first single "Fading Rage". 
Sessions beginning for Amor Fati part 2 in 2017

   The first part of the Amor Fati series by Christiane Delores was released January 22nd, 2016 and debuted in the top 100 jazz album sales on iTunes! I did all the drum tracks for this record, plus i'm on tap to handle the drum duties on part two, which is tentatively slated to begin work later in 2017. 
  Please visit for more info on her and her music. Please check out the official video below for the first single "Fading Rage". 
 Added to the Old 3C Label Group via Twolick Recordings
 Upcoming album slated for 2017

In mid 2015, The New Mingle (myself & Matt Calvetti) received word our label Twolick Recordings was added to the Old 3C label group. The Old 3C artist roster is full of talented, diverse bands / artists. We're happy to be a part of the family! 
   In early 2017 TNM will be resuming work on an album to be released later in the year. 
Details coming soon…

Fall 2016 with THE WIND CRIES MANI
This past fall I got the opportunity to work with Mani Stokes, Dan Wasson, & Supermonkey Recording Co. for The Wind Cries Mani, a Jimi Hendrix tribute band covering Experience as well as Band of Gypsy songs. It was a great project and we played two very well received shows, one of which was on Jimi's actual birthday! More clips from these shows are posted on the web. #TheWIndCriesMani.  

Appearing Live 2016 / early 2017 with 

Looking forward to working live shows with these guys in 2016 & early 2017!! The band recently released a new record & their song 'Tonight's Our Night" was used by Roots Sports in one of the "Friday Night Rocks" highlight segments! 
   Please check my "concert calendar" page for live dates i'll be appearing on and visit the bands official website,, for additional info. 
THE SIMPLE CARNIVAL releases "Smitten" Feb 14th!
Video  "The Problem with Friends" recently posted.
I did all the drum tracks for the "Smitten" record, which will officially be released on Valentine's Day 2017 in digital & hard copy. The album has been getting rave reviews! More songs from that album are slated to be released in video form coming up. The previously released single w/ video, "A Geek Like Me",  won an award for it's 3D animation at a Los Angeles, CA film festival. Please check for more info. 

Live 2015 through 2016 with 

From festivals to large indoor venues to small intimate clubs, the band performs a diverse mix of songs ranging from Rock & R&B to Country, Blues, Reggae and even some Pop Punk here and there! Very few boundaries with this group!!
   Please check my "concert calendar" page for upcoming shows & also visit;  

for more info on the band, video clips, and an updated song list.

Appearing on select 2015 / 2016 Performances                

    In mid April '15 I signed on to work some live shows w/ Steeltown Religion, a top notch Modern Country-based group with with some classic rock twists, playing drum set as well as percussion. The core of the band currently resides in Hollywood, FL. I'm currently the first-call drummer for their hometown PA / OH / WV regional shows.   
    Dates i'll be appearing with them live are posted on my "concert calendar page" .
For more band info, please visit; 

Added to teacher list on website of world renowned drummer & educator Joel Rothman
Early in 2015 I was very excited to be added to Joel Rothman's teacher list on his website, Mr. Rothman has published close to 100 instructional drum books thus  and is a huge inspiration for me. I worked through many of his books as a kid, and still do! I'm proud to own many of his publications, and to recommend his diverse catalog to <Traveling> Drum School students. 
"The Positive Spin on Drums" periodic blog
   My blog, "The Positive Spin" on drums started out in March of 2011 and it went solid weekly for almost one year, gaining more readers with each post. However, with my increasingly busy schedule I had to scale the posts back to periodic. There will be new posts coming soon so please check back, or send me your contact info and I'll add you to my mailing list.
  The subject matter continues to evolve but the continued emphasis is all things positive with drums and music. There have been lessons, personal stories, album reviews, product reviews, <Traveling> Drum School student updates, and much more. There has also been frequent pics and videos associated with the topics! 
   Below is a sample clip from a week's topic. Many thanks to all of you who take the time to visit!

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