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Summer 2012 show wrap up

   This past Saturday was, in my own mind, my official last two shows of the Summer. Even though the solstice doesn’t official end until 9/22 I always think of September 1st as the first day of fall. Performances usually go back to normal around this time, indoor club kind of stuff. Plus school is back in session, nights are colder, and warm coffee is more easily digestible in the morning!       

   As I sip my steaming cup of Java right now I am reflecting on an amazing Summer of shows I was fortunate enough to play. Most were with The Satin Hearts, but I also had the opportunity to perform with Christiane D & the Wretched Souls, JG Boccella & The Modo Mio Band, & The New Mingle. It felt like a full-on national Summer tour, even though I remained in the tri-state area. 27 shows total (72 hours of live performance) with most performances being 3 hours in length. That would work out to be 48 ninety minute shows, which is a typical average for a touring act headlining large venues. This season was filled with lots of different scenarios: inside, outside, large, small, clubs, bars, restaurants, bowling alley, festivals, prison, art gallery, amusement park, marathon, etc. I had a lot of fun and there is no doubt I became a better musician out of it.      

   The clip below I found online last night for the first time. It was recorded at Funfest in Harmorville, PA on July 12th. The manager mentioned during set up they would be filming portions and possibility adding to their website. I was actually searching You Tube last night to see if anyone posted cell phone clips from either show this past Saturday as I saw some cameras, but I stumbled upon this. It highlights set one from The Satin Hearts. Notice the stage set-up right in the middle of the lanes, which I thought was really cool. People were bowling all around us! The sound was very full, drum sound echoed in the big rectangle room. Audience members said it sounded really good. Vocals (and cowbell!!) are definitely upfront in this audio mix.     

    I’m on a show break for the upcoming Labor Day weekend then performances resume at the Tiki Bar & Beach Room in Finleyville, PA on September 7th. Still a Summer show I guess but i’m in fall mode. Outdoor shows in Sept usually mean hoodies and less bug spray!!

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