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Session @ J Bird studio


   This past Thursday I recorded a handful of tracks for the band Summer-Winter. The initial game plan for their third album was to track all the drums in two sessions, 4 songs each day with a possible 5th added for the second session. The first wave of this plan was successful, drum tracks were completed for the first 4 tunes.  

  The place that was chosen for this event was J Bird studio, located in the Cranberry / Zelienople suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the owner / engineer Jay Vega as well another engineer named Justin. Both were friendly & gracious, helping me carry in some of my gear. The vibe of this place is very cool, filled with an ambiance of warmth and comfort. Secluded from the busyness of the city, but definitely not too far of a drive from civilization either, its ideal for anyone wanting to record in a relaxing environment free from distractions. Nature fans will definitely dig it as its surrounded by wooded areas and while outside on a break I heard a woodpecker for the first time!   

  The studio's primary recording space has beautiful hardwood floors, multi level ceilings, large moveable sound panels, mood lighting, & a comfy couch. 

*The Drum Sound

  I was extremely pleased with the tones I got from my set. The room really brought out the warmth & the depth of each drum, especially the floor tom, and the cymbals sounded excellent in every way imaginable. The engineers were very precise on their miking techniques for this session, having reviewed the band's previous album prior. They seemed fully prepared to capture what the band leader requested, and were also open to my ideas and requests. Jay & Justin were easy to work with and it was an awesome experience. 

*Final Feedback

   From what I saw & experienced, J Bird has a lot to offer. The detached control room was equipped with the latest pro tools software and both engineers were very knowledgeable. They had an impressive mic collection as well as plenty of other instruments around; pianos, guitars, amps, and even an upright bass. All quality stuff, new and vintage.   

  I've been fortunate to work in many great studios. Each one has their own vibe and this one, a beautiful house converted into a fully functional recording studio, definitely had a true feeling of home. Really looking forward to recording the rest of the album there in a few months. 

*Sample Video

This is just a taste of my experience there, complete with mood lighting and video effects. Do yourself a favor & check it out for yourself, online & in person.  

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