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New Student Videos; Solomon Cole & Tyler Tedesco

The Positive Spin on Drums

by Chris Belin

New student videos; Tyler Tedesco & Solomon Cole

   I just finished the final edits this week on two new student videos. The first video features the young aspiring Jedi master-in-training Solomon Cole, who loves Star Wars and his performance was inspired by the Imperial March. He amazes me every time I see him, the sky is the limit for Solomon!

   The second clip features Tyler Tedesco, who proposed the idea of doing his own drum part to an old folk song redone by Johnny Cash. I thought this was a great idea and offered to film it. He wrote all the parts with no influence from me, I just smiled after he played it for me! Tyler continues to mature as a player every time I see him and this video proves his musicality. He's currently a big fan of Metal music but is also open to other genres.

   Both videos will be added to my <Traveling> Drum School page. More are on the way. Hope you all enjoy!!



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