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Chris Brozek: "Sweet Child O' Mine" drum cover

The Positive Spin on Drums

 by Chris Belin

Chris Brozek: 'Sweet Child' O Mine" drum cover

  Today is the 5th annual World Autism Awareness Day. In honor of that my blog this week will feature Traveling Drum School student Chris Brozek, who has been diagnosed w/ pervasive developmental disorder, PDD, a mild form of autism. Below is his performance of the Guns N' Roses song "Sweet Child O' Mine", which was one of my favorite songs to learn as a kid. This clip is from a Norwin High School concert last year, for which Chris received a standing ovation! 

   Chris has been recognized numerous times recently for his talent, not just in the documentary film posted on my site, but with a great article in the Norwin Star as well (link below). Both tell a detailed story about a person with a passion for drumming and his journey thus far in learning the art.

   As I've stated before, it's been a pleasure working with Chris since 2004. He is gifted in so many ways, this video is just a small sample of what he can do. Chris & I are currently putting the finishing touches on the song he will be doing for this year's concert, which I feel is even more impressive. Look for that this summer on You Tube! The sky is the limit for him, no question. Hope you all enjoy this! :) 

*Norwin Star Article Link:

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