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"Black & Yellow" drum cover by Luke Smartnick

Hello Friends,

  Tonight I'm posting a link to a really cool drum cover/remix of Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow" by Traveling Drum School student Luke Smartnick. This clip has 21,000 hits on You Tube & counting! Luke's playing is solid, composing some creative variations to the original programmed drum track. I especially like his bass drum patterns & fills. I feel humans will always beat machines when it comes to drumming. Questlove from The Roots is one of my all time favorite hip hop drummers, who continues to be mostly organic & always innovative with his sounds.    

  Travis Barker took this art to a whole new level a few years back covering  "Crank That" from Soulja Boy as well as 'Low" from Flo Rida. Since then, swarms of drummers are posting covers on You Tube, in all genres. Some videos are basic; original song audio in background, drumming in forefront, some lights, & that's it. Others are more elaborate. This video is definitely entertaining & original, with some humor added for extra flavor.  

  Hope you all enjoy this clip. Be sure to check out more of Luke's playing with the band Major League, who are putting out some really good Pop Punk & touring the world regularly! 

*Please note: Song contains language which may be offensive to some listeners.  

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