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Band spotlight; The Flying Z's


   This week’s blog is a spotlight on “The Flying Z’s, a relatively new up and coming band from Mt. Pleasant, PA. The band features three Zimmerman’s: Gavin, Ian, & Max as well as Kim Weinman and Anthony Depalma. The drum duties are shared by Traveling Drum School students Gavin and Ian, who play individually on different songs (I would love to see them do double drums on a tune someday!) Another really cool aspect of this band is the three Z’s all play multiple instruments, as seen on their You Tube page. They have over 30 clips posted, a varied mix ranging from full band cover songs, acoustic pieces, funny outtakes, and even and an electronic dance mix. It’s rare to see a young band so diverse, driven, & full of natural talent. They have fun no doubt about it, but their serious and have recently been generating a buzz performing live shows. Below are links to their sites as well as a clip from one of their recent performances.

You Tube:  . Website:  Facebook;  


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