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Album Review; A Lovely Crisis "Back Then"

The Positive Spin on Drums

by Chris Belin

Album Review; A Lovely Crisis "Back Then"

  This week’s blog is my album of review for the band A Lovely Crisis, which features Traveling Drum School student Nigel Seibert. His drumming is tight and precise on this record, with lots of really tasteful fills, hi hat lifts, and much more. I was most impressed with his timing. Before the recording, he played me parts of each song right along with a click. He’s a solid player and definitely a studio drummer in the making!


   “Back Then”, the debut album from A Lovely Crisis, opens with the ferocious title track, complete with thick guitar riffs and anthem style vocals. The bands overall sound is reminiscent of the heavier side of Nirvana, blended with the speed and intensity of the Ramones. They also have a solid groove in their playing, evident on tracks "Funky Punk" & "Insomnia". There’s a lot of truth in the lyrical content of "Guitar is Dead" and the music backs up the message, pushing the song forward organically with driving bass, drums, and an impressive guitar solo. The remainder of the songs on the record round out a collection that any Rock fan would appreciate.    

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