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Album #3 from Summer-Winter

The Positive Spin on Drums

by Chris Belin

Album #3 from Summer-Winter

   Pleased to announce I’ve been enlisted for drumming duties on album #3 from Summer-Winter.I had the pleasure of handing the drums for the band’s previous two albums. Just had a rehearsal yesterday on the first 4 songs, which sound really good! I’m psyched!! We are scheduled to record these tracks in late July at J Bird studios in Cranberry, PA. After that, the remainder of the songs will be prepped then recorded.

   Fans of the band please stay tuned for further updates. And for anyone who’s unfamiliar w/ Summer-Winter....please give them a try here; 

Also any 91.3 WYEP listeners can hear tracks from both albums in rotation, please request & send feedback on what you like.  

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