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92 BPM


The Positive Spin on Drums

by Chris Belin

92 BPM


   This morning post breakfast I had a pretty normal practice & playing routine. This clip from my office, 92 BPM, is an except from the session which followed an extensive hands & feet warm up. A regular routine in my playing is to pick a tempo each morning & just play whatever rhythms come to mind. This usually follows the above mentioned warm up, helping me to get loose on the kit for the more intense topics I work on next.    

  As a drummer I try to find a balance between practice & playing. I feel it is essential for every player to do both. My sessions are normally filled with multiple topics mixing coordination patterns, sight reading, metronome playing, composing, learning songs, & improvising.   

  I choose 92 BPM as my tempo today because it’s very commonly used in many genres, such as Rock, Pop, & R&B. Since this was my second topic of the day, I did not overexert myself w/ any extreme drumming. The focus was just a steady “on the beat” 8th note feel w/ various bass drum syncopations, some of which I’ve been revisiting at more challenging speeds of late (slow - fast). I spliced in some off beat snare hits as well as some 32nd note fills & busier hi hat patterns for some extra flavor.    

  Hope you all enjoy the clip!! I will be discussing my philosophies on the difference between practicing & playing much more coming up. I strongly encourage all the drummers out there to experiment with this idea. Start with a tempo to that feels good for you then move it up or down at your own pace. Would love to hear feedback! Please comment & subscribe!! 


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