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"Break Out" performed by Chris Brozek

   This week’s blog features Traveling Drum School student Chris Brozek playing “Break Out” by the Foo Fighters. The clip just made it’s way on to the web this past week! 
   I worked with Chris on this song for a few weeks leading up to his performance at a recent Norwin high school concert. For this year’s show I wanted to make sure everyone saw more of his skill level. He chose this piece over a few others I selected, as well as songs I knew he liked. This was also one of the most challenging options from the list, but I knew he could handle it. Right away he was a natural at all the parts, and with some extra emphasis placed on transitions, he was able to perform everything smoothly at song tempo.  
   For those who don’t know of Chris yet, please check out some of his other clips on You Tube, including the autobiographical documentary “Autism: Influence in Music” as well as last years’ concert performance of “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. Chris has also been featured in local newspaper articles and recently sat in with a blues band. Chris is definitely a drummer on the rise, making more and more waves with each public performance! 

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Break Out (Foo Fighters)
Break Out by the Foo Fighters, performed by Chris Brozek. Click here to view a special documentary about Chris!

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