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Essentials for performing outdoors

The Positive Spin on Drums
by Chris Belin

Essentials for performing outdoors 

   Yesterday was my first official outdoor show of the season, and it definitely lived up to the true nature of what can happen while performing outside. For starters, It was hot and muggy with periods of extreme sun reflecting off of my cymbals. I noticed that during set up in between swatting bugs from my face! Then came the allergy attack, which for me personally is common for late May. That’s my “Welcome to Summer” from Mother Nature! Finally in true western Pennsylvania fashion came the heavy downpours of rain, which were sporadic enough so we could stop playing, cover the equipment, uncover the equipment, start playing, & repeat the cycle again.    
  After all that, the venue put is inside where we did the final set. The crowd was fun and the show was a great time. Even with all the rain they were patient and cool. The venue was very hospitable and had great intentions with us playing outside. There was a really cool tiki bar type atmosphere behind the venue. There was cover but unfortunately it rained so hard our stuff still got wet, but not ruined :)    
  Years ago I compiled this list I often show to students that runs down a top ten list of items I feel every drummer should have on hand, not including normal drum equipment, when performing outdoors. I needed all of these yesterday!! 

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Bug spray
  4. Allergy medicine
  5. Extra water bottle 
  6. Towel(s)
  7. Water resistant covering
  8. Small fan
  9. Duct tape (many applications!) 
  10. Hoodie (in case you or your significant other gets cold)


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