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*JG Boccella: New single "Unstoppable" released! I'm handling drum set duties on this track. Check it out @

*Summer-Winter: Latest album "Heart of a Starling" released! I'm drumming on the album's title track, "Borrowed Time" & "Quiet Worlds".

*Instructional drum book: 
Currently finishing revisions, will be announcing release date. Seminars & clinics to follow. Details coming soon!

Voted #1  Drum Lessons in Pittsburgh
   I was very excited to get the message from the staff that I was voted #1 among the top drum lessons in Pittsburgh, PA! Since I signed up in 2011 I received this notice on 5 different occasions holding the top spot in the "top rated", "most reviewed", & "most vetted" categories. As of September 2012, I am still holding this spot!! Many thanks for the great feedback & to all those who have voted! I'll continue to give 110% in all I do. is a great search engine to seek out local services in your area. Please click on the link located in the "contact & social site links" page. 

 Photos by I4Eye Media          
   The debut album from The Satin Hearts, "Living on Overdrive" is receiving rave reviews! Referred to as "Insanely thrilling and totally 21st Century" by Dewey Gurall of The Scene, the album features tracks "Wild Child", "Sucker For Your Love", and "Cyber Stalking Girl", among others that cover a wide range of genres & topics. 
   Our deal with Powderfinger Promotions (who have worked with diverse artists such as Steve Winwood & 311) and Bryan Farrish for solid radio campaigns was a success! We are currently being played on 72 radio stations in 28 states, 3 Canadian Provinces, & Washington DC (detailed list on The Satin Hearts official site). In May 2012, we made the FMQB top 50 most added nationally to commercial radio! Multiple stations have increased our spins and put us in heavy rotation, mostly playing "Wild Child". Another track from the album, "Zombies", has been recently used for zombie walks on the west coast. The full album and individual tracks are available for purchase all over the web including iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Rhapsody, & Amazon as well as at all upcoming shows.
    The band recently released a digital only single "Show Me to the Bar" from a recent session at Broadcast Lane Studios. For more info on the band, please visit Also check us out on Facebook, Twitter, & Reverb Nation.
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The Satin Hearts - Wild Child (LIVE)
Live music video for The Satin Heart's single "Wild Child" The single "Wild Child" is now available on i-Tunes: Buy the new album "Living on Overdrive" at http://tinyurl...

TV Appearance on Episode 1 of "The Beat" with The Satin Hearts
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Armstrong Local Programming - Keystone: The Beat - The Satin Hearts
A preview of the July 2013 episode of The Beat, The Satin Hearts perform Zombies.Armstrong OnDemand Info: Local Programming...
Video for "A Geek Like Me" released and wins an award at 3D film festival.

The latest video from The Simple Carnival, "A Geek Like Me" was released this past December 2013 and won an award for it's 3D animation at a Los Angeles, CA film festival. I did all the drum tracks for the "Smitten" record and more songs from that album are slated to be released in video form coming up. Please check for more info. 
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The Simple Carnival - A Geek Like Me (3D)
"A Geek Like Me" by The Simple Carnival. Download this song on iTunes! will need red/cyan 3D glasses to view this video prope...
Drumming on Upcoming Full Length Album by Christiane D.

 I'll be handling the drum duties for a new full length release from Christiane D. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on the drum parts for the first four songs. Tracking begins soon for those at The Church Recording Studio, in Pittsburgh, PA. More details on the process will be posted here, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.  

The New Mingle in 2014: 

Music featured in an upcoming film, new live improv album release, booking cocktail hour wedding gigs, new collaborations, and studio date on the horizon.

  The New Mingle, myself and guitarist Matt Calvetti, look to have a big year in 2014. First, our song 'Give and Receive" and a couple other musical interludes / sound effects will be featured in the upcoming film "Escape from Neverland" by director Greg Allan. Release details TBA.
   This past fall we supplied music for a wedding ceremony and cocktail hour at the Pittsburgh Aviary. We've been planning and preparing our style of instrumental groove  music for this type of event since the early 10's. Things went so well, and our schedules for these types of gigs have freed up a bit, that we will be spreading the word on what we can do for a couple's most special day. Look out for posts on this here and on the band's official sites. Please contact us at any time for info. 

   This year we will be releasing tracks from a performance we did this past Summer at the Race Around The Square event. The songs on the "Lancaster & Sanders" release are all improvisations.
    Plans are also underway for The New Mingle to perform with hip hop duo Lucid Music in the year for a series of shows. We learned an album's worth of their material a few months back and the initial session together was great. Look for live dates later this year.
   Lastly, we're planning to record one of our trademark tunes, 'The Return of Excitement". We'll be documenting the process of rehearsing and tracking this intricate tune via You Tube, Vine, & Facebook. 
For more on the duo, search us on Facebook and please check out 


Another great year of performing at the Run Around The Square 5K event in Pittsburgh, PA (Regent Square area). This year we met Rick Sebak, acclaimed documentary filmmaker, who was watching our set. He asked if he could use some of our music. We were honored he choose "Room Groove" and this is the video he put together: 

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Run Around The Square 2014: What's Rick Sebak Been Doing?
A 1.5K and a 5k run around the Pittsburgh neighborhood known as Regent Square. Some goofy Saturday morning video. And a cool song from The New Mingle, one of the bands playing along the race course.
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Ice Bucket Challenge Drum Break

 "The Positive Spin on Drums" periodic blog

   My blog, "The Positive Spin" on drums started out in March of 2011 and it went solid weekly for almost one year, gaining more readers with each post. However, with my increasingly busy schedule I had to scale the posts back to periodic. There will be new posts coming soon so please check back, or send me your contact info and I'll add you to my mailing list.
  The subject matter continues to evolve but the continued emphasis is all things positive with drums and music. There have been lessons, personal stories, album reviews, product reviews, <Traveling> Drum School student updates, and much more. There has also been frequent pics and videos associated with the topics! 
   Below is a sample clip from a week's topic. Many thanks to all of you who take the time to visit!
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4/30/12 blog; Fresh drum heads & spicing up stale playing routines :)

Appearance in the 
2013 Winter Issue of 
The Holiday Cafe

  Below is the interview I did for The Holiday Cafe, a really cool online literary magazine rooted in Pittsburgh.This seasonal publication features great written works as well as beautiful art. Check out the past & present issues @ 



Class Is In Session - An Interview with Chris Belin of The Traveling Drum School 
By Natalie Sebula
   When I noticed that you were looking for someone that inspires the community I instantly thought of Christopher Belin. He is the sole proprietor of the Chris Belin’s Traveling Drum School as well as being a professional drummer. I have had the opportunity to know him for several years. Since then I have noticed how Chris has impacted the community with his drumming and teaching skills. I interviewed him and here is what he had to say:
If there was one thing you wanted people to know about your business…what would it be? 
As a teacher, I’m committed to developing an individualized curriculum for each student, based on their interests & goals, to ensure their aspirations of being a drummer become reality. As a freelance drummer, I give 110% all the time. Every note I play is done with heart, portraying my deep love for music. 

How do you feel your business has impacted the community?

Thus far I feel the Traveling Drum School has had an extremely positive impact on the community. No matter what, my teaching approach is always positive and encouraging. It’s gratifying to see students convey the same or similar philosophies in their playing & attitudes. Many students have been able to perform in the areas where they reside, whether it’s a school band program or their own bands. Some have even had the opportunity to tour and post drum clips on the internet, showcasing their skills on a more global level. 

Lastly, what is your future endeavors in the business? 

My goals are always to take my business to the next level, keep growing and evolving with the times. Teaching more diverse students, releasing instructional books, and performing with more bands/ solo artists are goals I continue aspiring to achieve.

Collaboration with Jared Penberg

Drum track recently completed for single from multi instrumentalist

   I recently completed a "drum only" track for Jared Penberg, an artist with a vision. He approached with only a structure and he enlisted me to write & record a drum part for him. The intention was to start with me, then he'd pass the track along to other musicians to layer their parts of top. Tracking for drums was done @ YCS studios in Pittsburgh and i"m very pleased with the outcome. Jared was second to add a part, playing his primary instrument; the bass. Song is shaping up great! More details will be posted as the tune becomes more complete.   


-Recording two more tracks for an EP from guitarist / songwriter Zac Lloyd. 

 More details coming soon...
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