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Freelance history & stats
     My professional freelance drumming career began in 1999 working with bands/artists as a full member, one-off fill in, & temporary (multiple shows) replacement. Since then, I've played over 1,500+ shows touring many parts of the eastern United States, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New York, West Virgina, Maryland, & South Carolina. Experienced all types of shows including major venues (10,000 capacity), live radio (200,000 average daily listeners), corporate events, special events, weddings, clubs, bars, amusement parks, maximum security prison, private parties, marathons, coffee shops, yard sales, ect. Opened or shared the bill with national acts including The Wailers, George Clinton, Leftover Salmon, The Fixx, Jazz Mandolin Project, Trina Hamlin, Skerik,The Step Kings, among others. Member of the Pittsburgh Musician's Union since 2004. 
    I am currently a full member of The Satin Hearts & we keep a consistently steady live schedule year round. Also being 1/2 of instrumental duo The New Mingle keeps me performing orginal compositiions & improvised music often.  
Photo by Nick Conti     
Primary: Drum Set  

Secondary: Percussion including Shakers, Tamborine, Djembe, Conga, Bongo     Doumbek, Cajon, Timbale, Cowbells, Slit Drum, Buffalo Drum, Udu, Frame Drum,Tabla,Tympani, and Mallet Percussion. 
Photo by Matt Calvetti
"I've been fortunate to play with Chris for over 10 years in several different bands, in the studio, and all kinds of live performances. He has always been prepared and consistent with his playing in any situation or setting. 
  For as long as I've known him, Chris has been an ego-free, fun to play with, total-pro, human metronome.
 He's got the chops, but he lets his skills serve the song-which is the most important thing. 
  If Chris isn't playing drums, then he is most likely teaching, watching, listening, reading, tuning, cleaning or practicing them. With Chris, life is, to quote Animal, drums!" -Matt Calvetti.
"I've been playing with Chris for many years and it's a constant source of enjoyment. Sometimes I will try and screw him up, and I will flip the beat a little bit, but he will catch it and bring me back...boom...and look at me like...hey goes like this! Without a great drummer, it is such hard work to make music. Chris gives ya the freedom to do what ya want to do...and not feel tied down. That's what it's all about."-Fran Rifugiato.
Photo by Heather Cunningham
       Quality Work & Competitive Rates
       Please contact for more details
                      (412) 512-3155


Steeltown Religion (Aimee Jane Willer Band). 4/18/15. Modern Country. Classic Rock. Learned 18 original songs & 34 cover songs for WV performance. 

The Ben Flint Band. 2/7/15-present.  Rock. Classic Rock. Blues, Funk. R&B. Classic Country. Pop. Pop Punk. Learned 37 cover songs. 

The Scott Schmitt Band. 8/2/14. Acoustic. Christian. Americana. Art-Folk. Folk-Rock. Composed drum parts for 5 original songs, learned 1 original song and cover of "Revelation" for music festival. 

Gail Noullet. 7/15/14. Jazz Standards. Swing. Learned 12 songs and improvised on 4 tunes for Cabaret Performance. 

The Philharmonics. 12/14/13. Oldies. Rock N' Roll. Easy Listening. Improvised on 20+ songs. *Djembe.

Lucid Music. Spring 2013. Hip Hop. Learned 9 original songs. 

All Mixed Up. Winter 2012 - Spring 2013. Classic Rock, Blues, Motown, Oldies. Learned 123 covers. 

Dr.Zoot. 10/20/12. Jazz, Swing, R&B, Latin, Oldies. Learned 46 covers & 2 originals. 

Summer-Winter. 11/10/11. Indie Rock.  Composed drum parts for 9 songs & learned 1 song for CD release party. 
Dallas Marks. 8/16/11. Classic & Modern Country. Learned 51 covers.
Mo Nelson Band. 7/22/11. Country. Learned 16 originals & 11 covers.
Christiane D. 5/25/11. 11/26/11. 2/5/14. Rock / R&B / Experimental. Learned 9 songs for album preview, CD release party, & special event showcase performance.
Ben Hardt & the Symphony. 8/24/10. 8/29/10. Rock/Pop. Learned 12 originals & 5 covers.

The Klick. 7/9/10. Classic Rock, Blues, R&B, Alternative. Learned 47 cover songs.

Jimmy Z & His Trio. 4/18/10. 8/6/10. Jazz, Easy Listening, Bossa Nova. Smooth Jazz. Learned 40 cover songs & Improvised on multiple originals.
Evan Dean. 7/17/10. Classic Rock, Blues, R&B, Folk. Performed approximately 35 songs as a special guest for a Pittsburgh, PA show.
The Woodpile. 12/23/09. Indie Rock. Composed drum parts for 10 original songs.

Skero & Jingles.
2009: 9/11, 10/10, 11/25, 12/26. 10/30/10. Rock, Country, Blues, R&B, Punk. Learned 49 cover songs & improvised on approximately 13 others.   
Alison Tuesday Band. 8/17/09 - 11/15/09. 1/2/10.R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock. Learned 59 cover songs.

The Lucky Strikes. 8/15/09. Classic Rock, Country, Blues, Alternative. Learned 33 cover songs & improvised on approximately 5 others.
Visionary 6/28/09. Metal. Learned 5 original songs & Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" for Baltimore, MD performance.
5 Minute Love Affair.6/19/09. Pop Punk / Alternative. Learned 11 original songs & Alice InChains "junkhead".
29th Ward (also as The Bitter Strings). Nov 2007-Oct 2009. Funky vintage rock. Learned 60 cover songs & Improvised on many others. *Also performed as a percussionist. &

Douglass Brothers.Oct / Nov 2006. April 2008. Learned all 14 tracks from their "Still In The Basement" album & 3 cover songs for regional performances including CD release party & farewell show.
Rhapsodic.2006 to Aug 2008. Spoken word / hip hop mixed with live drums, guitar, & percussion. Live performances include clubs, special events, coffee shops, collaboration w/ comedy group. *Also performed as a percussionist.
The New Mingle.2005-present. Instrumental soul music. Duo or trio performing independently or backing other artists. Composed 25 songs. Frequently does live improvisation & medleys of television theme songs as well as signature songs from vintage movies. Performed @ clubs & special events. *Also performed as a percussionist. &

Supermonkey.2005-2006. Hard Rock / Metal originals & covers. Composed drum parts for 10 original songs. 

JG Boccella.8/2005 to 8/2007. 4/2008-Present (Pittsburgh,PA performances).
Reggae, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ska. Stage manager on select shows. 
Strange Brew (also known as 'The Satin Hearts) 8/04-11/05 / 10/06-10/07. 2008; 6/16, 12/31. 2009; 3/13, 3/20, 3/28, 5/8, 6/27, 7/27, 9/19, 10/17,11/14, 12/18. 2/2010 - present. Blues/Rock originals & covers. Current set list :190 songs. Preformed @ 185 different venues & 700+ shows in the tri-state area to date.
 Kevin Goldbach Quartet. Summer 2005. Learned 15 cover songs. Mostly versions of Jazz standards by Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Joe Henderson, Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Soma Mestizo. 2004 (1 show) Learned 9 songs.

Ouve (2003-2005)/ Ouve'Azzy Runk (2001-2002) / Ouve Azzy Runk Trio (2000-2001).  Mostly original Funk, Soul, Rock, and Jazz influenced. Played over 300 shows. Worked as backing band for other artists & also provided music for a belly dance trio.
Peformed a funk musicial w/ local Pittsburgh actors. *Also performed as percussionist.

Electric Gypsy Trip. 2000. Learned 15 songs (converted drum set parts to Djembe) for a performance @ the Roman Room, Pittsburgh, PA. 
Groove City Outlet. 1999. Classic Rock, Blues, & Rock N' Roll.  Learned 15 songs for an outdoor festival in Mt. Pleasant, PA.
 Sally's Wiggin.1999-2000. Classic Rock, Jazz, Jam-Jazz, Blues, and Rock. Trio & quartet w/ mostly covers and a few originals.
Grain. 1998- 1999. Hard Rock, Metal, Experimental Blues. 15 songs. Mostly local Pittsburgh shows doing openings for other local & regional acts.
 *1994-early 1998. Private parties & jam nights sitting in with various musicians / bands.

*Guest sit-ins: Phat Man Dee, Lava lounge, Pgh,PA. 2003. Gerald McGrew Jr.Valley Hotel, Dravosburg, PA. 2013. 
*Video Archive*
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Ben Flint Band
*Live Excerpts from our East Liverpool, OH performance at the Legion for the Wounded Warriors event. February 7th, 2015. Ben Flint: Guitar, Lead Vocals.Steve Dunn: Bass, Backing vocalsChris Be...

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Ice Bucket Challenge Drum Break

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Armstrong Local Programming - Keystone: The Beat - The Satin Hearts
A preview of the July 2013 episode of The Beat, The Satin Hearts perform Zombies.Armstrong OnDemand Info: Local Programming...

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The New Mingle "Run Around The Square" 2012 Highlights

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Christiane D performs "Beautiful Disaster" Live @ the August Wilson Center.
Beautiful Disaster, song from Christiane D's forthcoming solo effort. OOTE band is comprised of Phat Man Dee, Stevee Wellons, Craig "Izzy" Arlet, Chris Belin, Tony "TFunk" Thomas, Paul Cunnigham, and...
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Rocky with Batman & the Flash.mp4
Providing a soundtrack to the Race Around the Square runners performing a New Mingle version on "Gonna Fly Now" by Bill Conti, classic from the Rocky movies. With appearances by Batman, The Flash, & K...
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D'yer Mak'er cover by Alison Tuesday
Cover of Zep's D'yer Mak'er by "Alison Tuesday" featuring Alison Tuesday, Kyle Helal, Ben Flint, Jordan Crawford, and Chris Belin at the Rhythm House Cafe, Sat., Jan. 2, 2010. Visit www.alisontuesday...
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Strange Brew performs Queen Bee
Blues band from Pittsburgh performs "Queen Bee" at Billie's Wine and Vodka Bar in Erie Pennsylvania, May 18, 2007.

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